About Golden Shores Communications

Golden Shores Communications is a boutique creative agency delivering brand experiences that help entrepreneurs, influencers and companies build a GOLDEN identity that helps them connect with people in profoundly moving ways.

We are a tight-knit team of creative, innovative and hardworking individuals who have a passion for creating an identity and voice for businesses through brand design, marketing strategies, social media, video production, photography and storytelling.

Our MISSION is to assist businesses in developing an identity and voice for their business and deliver that identity through brand and marketing strategies that become so recognizable that the brand becomes GOLDEN!

We partner with business leaders in the food, beverage, home improvement, life improvement and lifestyle brand industries, to create and scale a personalized brand, marketing and admin strategies for themselves and their businesses.

We specizlize in brand identity, rebranding, product and packaging design, website development and design, marketing strategy for innovative brands across the United States.


Katarina Martin


Dennis Bolt

Senior Brand Designer